Found Any ‘Easter Eggs’?

Many of the books have ‘Easter eggs’ hidden in them:  little clues that foreshadow events in later books.  Some lie dormant for several books before the foreshadowed events take place (and some still haven’t been hatched).

Have you spotted any ‘Easter eggs’ as you read the series? Did you notice them while you were in the story, or have an ‘aha’ moment when they hatched in a subsequent book?

Sacrifice Or Selfishness?

When we talked about John’s motives earlier the consensus was that his actions sometimes looked selfish, but in our discussion about Stemp last week we touched on how sacrifice for the greater good can sometimes look like selfishness to outside observers.

John has given up a lot in the name of duty:  Thirty years without a stable home, a family, a fulfilling relationship, or personal safety.  With that in mind, does it change your perception of his attempts to hold onto a relationship with Aydan?

What’s Up With Stemp?

In later books, is Stemp’s personality changing as a result of his interactions with Aydan, or is he simply beginning to trust her enough to reveal some of his personal details?  Or is his ‘opening up’ just another method of emotional manipulation? 

Do you trust Stemp?  Why or why not?

What Do You Think Of Tom?

Do you think of Tom as a nice ordinary guy who could offer Aydan a supportive and fulfilling relationship, or a pest who doesn’t know how to take ‘no’ for an answer?  Or somewhere in between? 

How much does Aydan’s reaction to Tom colour your opinion?

Watch Your Language, Young Lady!

When I wrote the first books of the Never Say Spy series without filters, I thought I’d get lambasted in the reviews and I was  surprised when it didn’t happen as much as I’d expected.  Some people do still complain about the coarse language and I’ve responded to them here, but I’d like to hear from you folks who have stuck with me:

How do you feel about Aydan’s potty mouth?  How would the stories change for you if Aydan never (or rarely) swore?  How about Hellhound?  Is it different when he does it?

How Do You Like That Setting?

Alberta’s chinook winds play a part in the plot of Never Say Spy.  Had you ever heard of that phenomenon before you read the book?  Did you find the extreme temperature change described in the book believable at first reading?

When you’re reading a series set in a location unfamiliar to you, do geographical differences pop out or blend into the story for you?

Do you look up additional facts about the setting in order to enrich your reading experience, or do you rely on the story to inform you?

When Does A Series End For You?

What story element(s) keep you coming back for more instalments in a series? What makes you lose interest in a series?

If the relationship tension between Aydan, Kane, and Hellhound were permanently resolved, would that effectively end the Never Say Spy series for you?  Why or why not?