On Hiatus

Hi All –

I’m sorry to announce that I’m putting the Book Club on hiatus, at least until we’re settled in our new place (and we still don’t have a date for when that might happen, grrr).

Book 12 is going to be delayed, too – the new tentative release date is March 2017 (but I’ll try to make it sooner).  Between getting kicked out of the house for showings and being bombarded with details about the move and the construction of our new place, my time is eaten up  and my concentration is shattered.  I’m sorry for the delay, and I promise I’m doing my best – I’d rather release late than release crap.

Thank you so much for your past participation in the Book Club – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all your insights!  Feel free to come here and talk among yourselves anytime, and if there’s enough interest once we’re settled in our new place, I’ll start posting prompts again.

Thanks again for your support!  🙂

5 thoughts on “On Hiatus

  1. I will miss the chats but like you say you need to concentrate on you and the house move and the book. But re the book please take your time, I’m nowhere near ready to do anything like sit down and read books. And I feel guilty when I do, I still have 2 pendants to make and a free pairs of earring’s to make and there is just under a month to go ok just over.

    I look forward to catching up or restarting when we all have time

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