Let’s Talk About Spider

Last week @LaurelAfter40 suggested that we could talk about some of the secondary characters, so how about Clyde (Spider) Webb?

First impressions?  Changes in Spider and his relationship with Aydan as the series developed?  Thoughts?  Take it away…

12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Spider

  1. Personally I love Spider, I know I’m not much older than him, ok I am about 10yrs older, but on occasions he is just so sweet and innocent that I just want to mother him. It makes me smile when he gets all embarrassed by things, I can picture him so well with his ears turning pink.

    Although he is the youngest, and most unlikely character to see action, I love that he would do anything for Aydan. He comes across as loyal and protective without actually being able to protect aydan against much. I think he longs to be able to help in more than just technology, but I think he knows he would not have a chance against the things Aydan has dealt with.
    I could see him sneaking into the firing range not wanting anyone to know, or asking Wheeler for martial arts training. With him and Linda having been targets in the last book ok it was someone wanting to stop the wedding rather than kill them, I think Spider will see it his duty to try and be more now, to not only help Aydan but also to protect his wife, I just smiled to myself thinking Linda could probably protect her self and him. But I know he would want to man up.

    I’d love to get to see that side of him.

    Um, after the conversation last week this is my thoughts I’m not trying to suggest or guess anything and I hope any plans Diane had haven’t been spoiled

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  2. I love Spider. He is a cool dude! What I wouldn’t give to have those kinds of skills with computers. His relationship with Aydan is fantastic! They can rely on each other whenever one of them is in trouble. Aydan really cares about Spider – like a little brother.

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  3. Spider is thoroughly likeable. He is extremely protective of Aydan without being combative. Instead, he uses his computer skills to protect her. Making the most of his capabilities, so to speak; I like that a lot, and I respect it.

    I like people who are utterly trustworthy. They’re rare, are they not? Spider is one of the good ones. He’s also one of my favorite characters. Still human, not perfect, but a seriously good guy. And I like the Mutt and Jeff visual I get when he’s with Linda. That just makes me smile. It doesn’t hurt at all that Linda is ‘the girl that all the guys were chasing,’ or words to that effect. And she owns a ‘novelty’ store… Yep, Spider is a lucky guy. 🙂

    And I agree with Karen about wanting to see Spider easing into the gun range after hours when nobody else is around. The martial arts thing, not so much. Tall, skinny people with long, thin bones probably should stay away from that sort of thing for health and longevity reasons. I could be wrong, of course. But I still see Spider wanting to become at least proficient with a pistol of some sort. Or maybe something a bit more exotic from Dr. Chow’s lair, perhaps.

    Speaking of which, that’s a relationship I’d like to see warm up and develop. A collaboration between Spider and Chow could pay some interesting dividends, I’d think. Then again, might they not already be working together? Need-to-know, and all that?

    Oops, my bad. No speculation about the future. Typing while biting my tongue isn’t too hard. But typing while biting my fingers is just af;eflaen apoiugyzpbuhancerLRKJNVX.GKA B

    Sorry. Y’all know how I get…

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    1. Oh, forgot to add this. Aydan is the same age as Spyder’s mother. I think Spider looks at Aydan as more of a mother figure, and she, I think, sees him as more of a son. At least this is the impression I get. I don’t see it as a ‘big sister-little brother’ sort of thing.

      Years ago, the company where my wife worked at the time hired a new kid. Sort of reminds me of Spider, now that I think of it. He’s exactly between our two sons, age-wise. The boss was supposed to train him but didn’t. So my wife trained him.

      To this day, their relationship on a personal level reminds me EXACTLY of Aydan’s and Spider’s relationship. He’s married now to a lovely lady, and they have two beautiful children of their own…who sorta think of my wife as their third grandmother.

      That’s why Aydan’s and Spider’s relationship is so completely believable to me. I’ve already watched it happen. Perfectly natural, perfectly written.

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  4. I like Spider for all the reasons mentioned above. I like him, I really do, as a person he above and beyond with his convictions and loyalty. No arguing on these points from me.

    However….and this might be because of my age or I have sons in his age bracket or could be hormones…. but for the job he is doing, working at a spy agency with spies, he is too innocent (for lack of a better word). Like I said above, he has outstanding qualities, don’t get me wrong, but he needs get a spine. I’m not saying change his convictions or his morality or any of that. What I am saying is given the job he is working in, the sphere he is in where there is danger or danger to those close by he should be able to handle the cursing and the blood and not freak out so easily. Just 2 cents from an old biddy.

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  5. I’ve thought the same thing from time to time about Spider, but then I remember that he was hired straight out of college (if I remember correctly) for his computer skills and his ‘clean’ background. Since his computer skills were off the charts, so to speak, and his personal background was squeaky clean, he qualified for the high security clearance that a ‘computer analyst’ job at SD would require. (Not sure of his actual job title or classification if that’s a better term, but that’s close, I think.) Thus, he often associated with the ‘real’ agents such as Cane. That is, after all, part of his cover. Spider, with a public persona as a computer consultant, shared office space with Cane, whose public persona was also that of a consultant, albeit for the oil and gas industry. SD set him up with that cover soon after he hired on, I think.

    So Spider, as a co-tenant (if that’s even a thing) in the same office space as Cane, would not raise any eyebrows if the two were seen in the same restaurant or vehicle by the public. And with both consultants ‘consulting’ with SD frequently, their cars would be in the SD parking lot most days when they were not in their ‘business’ office.

    Okay, so we have the background and chain of events that have Spider and Cane together often. Now, it’s not much of a stretch to find Spider caught up in the action that seems to follow Cane around. After all, our first introduction to Spider was when Aydan body-slammed him behind a diner, and he was with Cane at the time. And probably rethinking that decision immediately thereafter, I suspect. 🙂

    (Sorry to drag this out, but I’m gathering my thoughts at the same time. This process usually takes time since they frequently scamper away and hide. Apologies to all hands. And I’ve been chewing my fingers to keep from discussing future plottage, too, remember. That never helps.)

    So all this history was what got a tall, scrawny, painfully shy, brilliantly intelligent computer nerd hired by SD in the first place. They wanted his intellect and his bleeding-edge skills. His clean background (and straight-arrow moral compass, I’d think) got him the screaming high clearance that qualified him to work in–and assigned to–the virtual network program. Working there naturally exposed him to the secret-agent-and-everything-that-goes-along-with-it end of the business.

    Okay, so Spider was then employed at SD in the ‘don’t even THINK about it’ secret section. But nothing had happened to him as of the day of his rather abrupt introduction to Aydan that caused him to be–or even need to be–anything at all except a highly-skilled computer consultant.

    Thus, Spider was still the young college grad/computer geek who was the shy, awkward, rather socially inexperienced nice guy. He had no reason to be anything else.

    Having babbled all that, I can now babble this. He’s changed a bit since Aydan hammered him flat. He’s met, dated, and married Linda. He’s now able to bend the rules a bit when lives are at stake. He was always very resourceful, but his exposure to life-and-death situations has tuned up his abilities even more, I think. He thinks farther outside the box, and he finds solutions quicker. He’s coming around.

    I can’t ever see Spider evolving into the iron-pumper/badass type, but, again, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t find some weapon(s) that he could adopt and master. If nothing else, I can’t see Spider EVER letting Linda be harmed without recourse. Just sayin’…

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    1. I see what you are saying and can agree with most of it(him being brilliant, resourceful, inventive, and do whatever he can to protect those he cares for),but he was not living in an isolated ward all his life. He went to college. He knew Hellhound. He is a movie buff. Surly with just these three things his ears have heard some inventive cursing. I will give you him not being on a first hand knowledge of life/death situations so some freak out can be over looked there. But, sorry, the innocent virginal ears bit is just a bit for me.

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      1. I’m sorry but I just don’t equate swearing with a broadened moral compass. And having been surrounded by computer geeks my entire adult life I can tell you that Spider’s delight in learning new swearwords was no surprise. You notice he doesn’t swear himself, it is just new information he is gaining.

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        1. I took a second look at the two preceding posts and I had missed something.
          I think ‘virginal ears’ is not the case with Spider. He was delighted to hear Aydan’s vocabulary right from the first time he heard it in book one. It was Mike Connors who was shocked and appalled and he turned out to be a villain.

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  6. I’ve been thinking about this topic and some of the comments made. I have mentioned before that I had been surrounded by computer geeks my entire adult life and that is true. I married one in 1959 when I was 19 and he was 24. We were both college students; me just out of high school, he just out of a 4-year stint in the navy. He graduated later that same year with a 3.95 GPA in electrical engineering and then went on to gather several advanced degrees in math and physics in addition to more electronics. His interest was computers and he was brilliant. He also fainted at the sight of blood, his or anyone else’s. This was a man who had served on an aircraft carrier for four years and had grown up hunting and fishing and he was still unable to deal with blood. He was not an innocent. It is called the vasovagal response and has nothing to do with innocence.
    Also, after my divorce, I worked my way through school by taking an assortment of part time jobs to fit around my class schedule. One job I had was as a teaching assistant in the anatomy lab. We always had to schedule extra people in the lab when we first brought out the cadavers in order to handle the fainters. It was always interesting to see which students would be to ones to collapse, often not the ones you would expect, and a much higher percent of men than women. Remember that any woman past puberty has been regularly exposed to blood and it is nothing new.
    One more point I’d like to make. It has been mentioned that Spider’s family was civic minded. I would expect that Spider’s moral code was something he absorbed growing up. I don’t see it as at all inconsistent with his subsequent exposure to life. Why should he change something so ingrained?

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