Aydan’s Tech Gadgets – Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em?

How do you feel about the futuristic weapons and technology in the series?  Which tech item is the most plausible/implausible?  If you could have just one of Aydan’s gadgets, which would it be?

45 thoughts on “Aydan’s Tech Gadgets – Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em?

  1. oh god tuff one

    I would want the everything proof coat, not that I have ever been shot at but its got to be stain resistant too right??

    I quite like the idea of the guns, but I’m not really into them as much. I love archery, haven’t done it in a few years but having strong arms I could shoot them a lot further and better than the rest of the people at the time I was shooting (although it was just holidays I did it)

    that bottle thing cares me so way on that

    I think mainly although I love the books I’m happy for Aydan to keep her toys

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  2. I actually like the spy gear. In the world Aydan lives in these weapons/gear are very plausible. I cannot remember all of them except the listening device and the super coat, but both seem like they would be possible in her world. I mean if you think about it can anything she does in the network be possible? So if you accept the network then you can accept the col gear. But I would not want the gear to get too much so she takes on super hero status, I like her to be human with all the fallacies that entails.

    As for which one would I like…hmmm, tough. I would have loved the listening device about 10 years ago when I had all 4 children still under my roof. We homeschooled so they were with me for most of 24/7 and 3 teen boys plus one little girl could get into quite a few mishaps throughout the day. Having the edge to know before hand what antics the 4 of them were getting ready to do would have made my life just a little easier. But what I would really like to have that Aydan has is the tranquilizer gun. Just think of the possibilities. I mean, you can shut up anyone who annoys you. Kids start fighting…one dart each and peace; other moms who begin their snide or disparaging comments and a dart or two and peace; oh, and that neighbor who keeps complaining about anything from leaves from your trees to the rain that birds that poop all over her yard furniture do to the feed I give them, a couple of darts there and peace; wait, maybe I am saying too much.

    Anyway…her weapons are plausible and keep them coming.

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      1. While I was still working in the high school I would fantasize about aerosol Ritalin!!! then I could just spray kids in the face (mace like) and have them instantly calm!!!! 😀 😀 😀

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  3. I love the tech gear… I think gadgets are cool…BUT, like LaurelAfter40 said, “…I like her to be human with all the fallacies that entails.” I love the situations Aydan gets into and how she gets herself out of them. I love how she uses the gadgets to her advantage, but don’t want them to “be the star of the show” so to speak!

    I think the coolest one so far is the virtual reality…duh, but if we exclude that one, then I’m going with the flies….gross, but kinda cool!!! How many times have we said, “If I could be a fly on the wall”? This gets us pretty close, eh?

    If I could have one irl???? Either the tranq gun or the one that messes up their inner ear so the basically barf and feel miserable. (Yeah, I have a few people I’d like to zap just to get back at them for being super douche bags to those I love!!!!!) Of course, this would be if my choice if I didn’t have the option to “surf the net” like Aydan does!!!!! ❤

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  4. Love everything about the back room, the stuff in it, the people in it, and the stuff that comes out of it.

    I’ll have some more, please!

    Seriously, if Aydan has a brainwave-driven virtual reality network interface that she can dive into and be clear around the world instantly, why the heck not have a killer futuristic ‘way-past-the-next-level gear lab at her beck and call?

    I mean, really. Just why the heck not?

    And have you not already set the stage for that perfectly? Chow’s the guy all the rest of the agents love to hate. He intimidates EVERYBODY, with the possible exception of Stemp. But even Stemp doesn’t appear to spend any more time in the back room than absolutely necessary.

    Chow’s magnificently skilled at what he does, but he’s seriously and very obviously handicapped, venomously sarcastic, and purposefully diabolically difficult to be around. Enter Aydan. Feeds his crap back to him, treats him like a human being, and moves on. And now, Chow’s, well, if not warming to Aydan, he’s at least noticed that she’s worthy of his respect…which he gives her, albeit a big grudgingly. But it’s definitely a marvelous starting place.

    It’s hard to turn loose of a closely-held defense mechanism, is it not? Well played, Diane. Well played, indeed.

    This series has the potential to be the new standard. No, that’s not what I mean to say. Frankly, it already is that, from my point of view. But from the absolutely marvelous foundation you have built, I cannot even guess how far you can take this! I am so much more than merely impressed.

    Have I mentioned lately that I really like this series? Or did I mention that this is the only series that I have read every single book of and am anxiously awaiting the next one?

    Diane, you made child abduction palatable, and you used some of Chow’s next-level sh-, er, stuff to do it with. I am awed by how you pulled that together. Yours is the first such book that I’ve actually finished. EVERY OTHER ONE, I’ve gotten so far, said to myself, “Oh, HELL no!” and bailed. Actually have tossed some paperbacks in the trash. Just reading them was cruel and unusual punishment. There are some places that I just WILL NOT GO, and child abduction/torture/molestation is most of them.

    You were absolutely right, Diane. It is about trust. I’ll tell you straight up that reading about all that is both hard and distasteful to me, but I trusted you enough to hang with it, and you didn’t let me down.

    Turn the weapons lab loose, sista. If you’re looking for someone to offer encouragement to do that, here it is. Get nuts. Make crazy happen. I trust you to weave it all into well-crafted stories that leave us all wanting more. I trust you, Diane. How could I not. You’ve earned it.

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    1. Oh, and what would I like to find in my box of Cracker Jacks? Too easy. The thermal ray. A no-brainer, that. Bumper mounted, aim-able, one on each corner of every vehicle I drive and controlled by a heads-up display on the dash/windshield. There are more and more limpwits on the highways these days who need to spend some quality time parked on the side of the road waiting for AAA to bring them some new tires.

      The downside to this would come from the parked drivers themselves. Eventually, the authorities would notice the single, glaring, common factor in the sudden deluge of reports of stranded motorists.

      “Yeah, there I wuz, justa pokin’ along about ten or fifteen miles an hour under the speed limit in thuh fast lane, minding my own business and flippin’ off all them rude, arrogant speed demons thet wuz honking at me and flashing they lights at me to move over. The last guy thet wuz ridin’ my bumper buffore I had four blowouts in four seconds wuz driving a red pickup truck…”

      Then again, it might be a good time to buy stock in all the tire companies. As soon as the devices were installed and operational, financial analysts would notice a sudden large spike in tire sales. Just sayin’…

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      1. Forgot about this gadget. yep, would love to get a few cars off the road. let see…driving dangerously slow, ZAP. Driving dangerously fast, ZAP, swerving in and out of lanes, ZAP. Drunk and behind the wheel, ZAP (actually these need a different gadget, maybe a steering wheel that locks if it detects alcohol, not a gadget but an idea).

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    2. Thank you so much – that level of trust both honours and terrifies me! With every book I release, my biggest fear is that I’ll disappoint my loyal readers. I know it’s inevitable since everybody’s different, but the thought of it is still a bitter pill to swallow. It makes for very nerve-wracking release days. 🙂

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    3. Okay, you hit on something I never pondered before… trust in an author. I think you hit something true. I must dwell on this for a while.

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  5. I’ve been mulling things over since this post went out. I think I’d want two options as others do. Since I’m a night owl and like to be outdoors in the wee hours I think I would be more confident if I owned a pair of night vision/thermal goggles. It would be handy for both urban and country use. If I also had the puke stick it would be non-lethal protection from both human and animal kingdom attack. It might also be useful in traffic SNAFUS. I do love the other new gear and Dr Chow and his gang, but if you have the puke stick you might not need trank darts or the flashlight thing. After all, it is not the tires to blame, but the nimrod behind the wheel to blame. A neighbor harasses you over leaves that blew from your tree to their yard, maybe a little puke therapy is in order.

    Brings to mind a fairy tale in which there were sisters who were rude to the fairy disguised as an old woman and the sister who was kind to her. The rude girls ended up spewing frogs and toads and horrible stuff from their mouths with every word spoken and the kind sister spewed jewels with every word. Mind you, no one wants to spew anything, but “by their words you shall know them,” I guess. But it is also troublesome to think that some random persons could place themselves as judge, jury, and executioner.

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      1. I was just thinking that trank darts are only good at giving you some peace for a short while and none of that time is used to change the thoughts of the miscreants involved. Of course your thermal gun traffic plan gives miscreants time to think at the side of the road too, but blowouts at freeway speeds are worrisome. And as you say, eventually someone is likely to figure out it’s you causing tires to blow. That could rob you of spare time defending yourself in court and get expensive too.
        But for everyday annoying people, schoolyard bullies, if you can turn down the impact of the puke stick to puke therapy, rather than complete incompacitation, I could envision great aversion therapy. BTW- is there conclusive evidence that aversion therapy works on bullys or bellyaching neighbors or nimrod drivers?

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  6. Do I like the gadgets? Of course. They have played important roles in each book, but are secondary to the great characters -good and evil or just annoying. This is how it should be. The gadgets are just tools after all. I love that the guys in the back rooms have taken the lethal bottle weapon and used the technology to create the puke stick. My imagination was very thrilled with all the new gadgets- the coat, the super hearing device, the pheromone collecting device, and even the flys.

    I guess I don’t care how realistic the gadgets are (although the colony of trained flys seems the most far-fetched.) I guess what is so entertaining is how they are put to use. I love that Aydan could convince Kevin Barnett that his skin would rot wherever she used her “special weapon” on his leg. I have no idea if such a depilatory device currently exists or not, but it made for great humorous torture, especially because it was so uniquely a female idea to torture a man with it.

    When Aydan uses even the most mundane items to protect herself I am thrilled. I liked her purchases at the dollar store that gave her notice to enact her escape plan in the first book. The use of fishing line to slow an attacker when she set up her woefully inadequate shelter from the rain was brilliant if only the shelter itself had worked.

    I guess if I could pick a gadget I wish really were available it would be the bullet/blade proof jacket. It could protect so many police and armed forces personnel and make it easier for them to do their job while wearing such garments. I can’t see the general public needing them, though.

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    1. I totally agree about the ‘puncture proof’ jacket. Pure genius! And it makes total sense that the fabric would tend to lock up when one moves quickly. I really liked how Chow was impressed that Aydan could move fast enough to trigger the ‘lock-up’ mechanism in the jacket. And stopping a broadhead! As mentioned, Kevlar vests will stop bullets that have fearsome energy numbers, but a razor-sharp broadhead arrow will go COMPLETELY THROUGH THE VEST and the person wearing it, shaft, fletching, and all with enough oomph behind it. That’s gotta be scary stuff for the people who have to wear those things for a living.

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      1. No kidding. I have huge respect for the bravery of police officers who depend on their vests for their lives. I’ve seen the broadhead-through-Kevlar thing first-hand. One of our police buddies brought his vest to the archery range and hung it on one of those plywood chairs. (Is this starting to sound like a familiar passage from my books? That’s ’cause it really happened.) The broadhead truly did go through the Kevlar and the chair and exit the Kevlar on the other side. We all felt a little sick after that.

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    2. I’m here to tell you that the depilator is actually a “thing”. Available in any drugstore. And yes, it is excruciatingly painful the first time you use it! I’m always thorough in my research. 😉

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      1. Tried one years ago and thought it to be to torturous to use. I hate shaving but add pain to the mix and I would go neanderthal first.

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        1. I remember when they first came out, I was in middle school! My mother bought one for both my sister and me for Christmas. We both squealed with delight, ran upstairs to try them out, and promptly screamed out in pain. I had welts on my leg – the depilator and I are NOT friends!!!!!

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      2. I’ve had an inkling that depilators were out there, but because my blond hairs are nearly invisible, I go through one razor every year or so since I so seldomly need to shave my legs or arm pits, which makes purchasing creams or electric shavers or waxing systems too great an investment. I do feel for those dark haired, more hirsute females who feel they need to deal with body hair with more focus. Then again I was always rubbing shoulders with hippy types, and am not shocked that women have hair other than on their heads.

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        1. I’ve never understood the big deal about body hair, and I had always hoped that someday soon everybody would just get over it. Instead, now the guys are getting in on shaving/waxing. The world just keeps getting weirder. Sigh.

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      3. What’s up with Aydan going to a tire company to pick up the depilator? It made me think it was some antiquated item that was only available in truly bizarre places. Maybe it’s time for rereading that book.

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        1. Aha! An explanation is in order! That’s one of those bizarre Canadianisms that’s so ingrained I take it for granted, but the rest of the world goes, “Wait, whaaaaat…?”

          There’s a Canadian Tire store in just about every town that’s large enough to have a stop light, and it was originally a reasonably-priced automotive and hardware store that also provided auto servicing (not particularly good; hence its nickname of “Crappy Tire”). But it was there, and it got all the business. Then, like most businesses, they realized diversification was the key, so they added all sorts of other stuff. They were the “Walmart” of Canada before we had Walmarts. And they’re wonderful for people like me – I can go in and pick up windshield wipers, a depilator, a fishing lure, wine glasses, an area rug, a dumbbell set, and a live geranium, and be out of the store in ten minutes (and, come to think of it, ready for great date with those items). And I never have to go to the mall. Hooray!

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            1. LOL! Actually, the date-night items are perfectly innocent (or mostly innocent, anyway): First the depilator so I don’t give the poor guy friction-burn. Next a relaxing workout with the dumbbells to take my mind off the pain of the depilator. Then a nice new fishing lure for a pleasant day of fishing, and new windshield wipers to cope with the inevitable rain that occurs whenever you pre-plan a fishing trip. And later, the geranium to brighten up the house, and the new rug and wineglasses to… well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

              That’s what I was thinking when I wrote that, but now my twisted imagination wants to take over and reassign those items to more nefarious purposes. @LaurelAfter40 has the right idea… 😉

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          1. *Snort* Not too sure I want to know where the windshield wipers come into play on your date. Actually my mind is coming up with some ideas but they might be considered illegal in most civilized societies.

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          2. I wondered about that myself when I read that particular passage, so I googled Canadian Tire. Holey bovines! I’m impressed! Why would anyone even drive by a Wally World when a Canadian Tire was within fifty miles? I could shop there and actually LIKE the experience! And that’s saying something…

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            1. I love Canadian Tire! It’s a store entirely filled with all the stuff that’s relevant to my life and fun to use, all in one place: Car parts, sports equipment, renovation tools, garden goodies, and kitchen gadgets. SO much better than the mall!

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  7. Just a general comment – I have a lot of fun figuring out all the tech for Aydan’s toys, and Hubby is my biggest resource. He’s gotten used to me eyeing him speculatively at the dinner table and saying, “Tell me about EMP weapons” or something equally esoteric. All the tech in my books is based on currently available technology with one little extra tweak added.

    For instance, brainwave driven networks already exist in a primitive form and virtual reality is quite advanced, so the only artistic license I’ve taken is with Aydan’s secret key instead of the current clunky helmet of electrodes. Her key might be technically possible (even likely) with future technology, but not at this moment. The ballistic trank gun, on the other hand, could be built right now with our current technology. (Yes, I’ve figured out the design. No, I’m not telling.) 😉

    But from a tech standpoint, the least-likely device is the one that most people accept without question: the bug detector. There are so many sophisticated ways to listen in on people and communication devices, and there’s such a vast array of outgoing and incoming signals from TVs to cell phones to home security monitoring to computers and on and on… it would be pretty well impossible to electronically detect a bug. But I’m pretending it can be done, and who knows? Maybe it has been done in some secret lab in some tiny prairie town…

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