When Does A Series End For You?

What story element(s) keep you coming back for more instalments in a series? What makes you lose interest in a series?

If the relationship tension between Aydan, Kane, and Hellhound were permanently resolved, would that effectively end the Never Say Spy series for you?  Why or why not?

23 thoughts on “When Does A Series End For You?

  1. I think id keep reading them while you still wrote them.

    Unless you managed to resolve the relationship between Aydan John and Arnie so that everyone was happy ( and I mean the readers) then I don’t see why you have to. Aydan isn’t conventional needing a marriage so why should she have to choose. Although I do think book 11, kinda ruled John out of the running unless there is some twist to change things, Aydan doesn’t strike me as mom material so would likely not want to end up in that role.

    I make a great “fun auntie” but I’m not so sure I’d enjoy the role of mum.
    I think Aydan and I are similar that way.

    But basically Diane you write em I’ll read em. Deal?

    When you have an ending I’ll probably think you would need just one more hehe

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  2. I series becomes stagnant when the plots are pretty much repeating themselves. You want growth with the characters individually and together. Also the type of series either has a definite end such as a series like Susan Stoker’s Seals of Protection where each member of the team has a story, when all member’s stories are told then the series ends. Then there are ongoing series like J.D. Robb In Death series (and yours) where there is no definite ending as long as there is new material presented.
    As far as the trio is concerned, there is still a few things that can be done with them as a group and individually Aydan/Hellhound and Aydan/Kane. However something has to be resolved with them or (and I am hoping this will be the case) some new element (in the form of a new contender) will be introduced to shake up what the trio have. Honestly I don’t see there being a real good solution for the trio, they have established boundaries that really cannot be changed without negating all the character build up that went before.
    I will say this, I do loose interest in books and shows when girl/boy love interest seem to be replaying the same ‘get almost together but then they don’t’ to be repeated in the next book/show. It is not going anywhere so what’s the point in beating a dead horse?

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    1. I feel the same way about “almost get together but don’t” if the things that are keeping them apart feel like plot devices. You know the ones: the phone rings strategically and/or somebody bursts in on them and/or there’s a traffic jam that makes them miss each other by minutes and/or one of them gets caught in a compromising situation and the other stomps off without asking for an explanation and/or (fill in some other lame “reason”) – those ones just drive me crazy.

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  3. For me, I hate the hanging on without a choice. I think a choice needs to be made. Sooner rather than later. There will still be issues once a choice is made. No relationship always is smooth. I will keep on reading a series as long as there are new stories. Biggest sticking point is the lack of choice in the romance department. Case in point, Stephanie Plum. But since I love that series and new fun stuff happens, I will keep on reading. Just wish a darn choice would be made!

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    1. I keep up to date with Stephanie Plum, too. When I started reading the series I kept expecting to see a character arc and some relationship progression, and I was a little turned off when it didn’t happen. But I got over it – I love the wacky characters so much it makes up for the lack of substance. I’ve given up hoping that Stephanie will show some initiative, but she’s like that flaky friend we’ve all had since elementary school – never learns from her mistakes, never makes a smart decision, but she’s lovable enough that I still enjoy her (in small doses). For me, Lula and Grandma Mazur and the other eccentric secondary characters are the best part of the series!

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  4. I will keep reading if you keep writing! So many books follow the same storyline, or the plots become spookily familiar, that is when I put them down. Your books are always fun and imaginative. I have read loads of books and I have never found anything like them. As to Aydan’s love life, I’m kind of ok with it not being a relationship as it means it hasn’t become the main focus of each book, just a really interesting storyline running behind the main plot. I love this because romance is not, in my opinion, necessary as a main storyline. I dont think Aydan will end up with hellhound or Kane because she doesn’t want a relationship. I think their relationship will become more like siblings. I dont think aydan need a man at the moment, but if she did end up with one of them I would keep reading, I love the story too much!

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  5. Now that it seems Aydan and Arnie are ok, I would hate to see that breakup or change. They are just meant to be!. I believe that John has found where he needs to be. So Diane,as long as you want to write, then I will read. I believe you will know way before any of us when the series is done.

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  6. A series ends for me when I get to the point where I don’t care what happens in it anymore. I’ve been through several like that. Started well enough to pull me in but couldn’t keep me there.

    Personally, I can see enough possibilities for Aydan and the gang to keep me right there with them in the thick of it for a long, long time.

    New network developments, Dr. Chow and his people, and especially the weapons lab. Big possibilities there. Stamp, his parents…more possibilities. And new characters,too,of course.

    Existing relationships still have a lot of potential life left in them, by new people bring new possibilities.

    I ain’t worried. 😉

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  7. I second the opinions of the others. When things get too repetitive, predictable, and I get bored with the sex scenes all being described the same way no matter which people are getting together, I’m ready to be done with a series even if the author isn’t ready to quit writing the books. If the second book in the series retells the whole plot of the first book, I’m done. I’ve read all Sue Grafton books to date, but I think she ran out of gas a few letters ago, and I doubt I will bother with the last three. With her more recent offerings she either feels the need to preach, or else the plot has a hole big enough to run an aircraft carrier through. I read the reviews on that particular book and only one other reviewer noted the plot problem. I really doubt I’m THAT much more astute than other readers. The adventure aspect of Grafton’s books is also getting thin and it seems like it has been half of the alphabet since her protagonist has had even a glimmer of a sex life in any recent book. Then again that’s all you ever got at the best of times. Her heroine has become boring.

    I’ve enjoyed Donna Leon’s Inspector Brunetti series, and it is fine that often the villain gets away with murder because the Venitian Legal System is so corrupt, but when virtually all her books end with a whimper and never the satisfaction of a job well done, it gets rather old rather fast. -Sad since the rest of the books are so rich in detail and great characters that they end so badly.

    I feel so lucky to have bumped into reading “Never Say Spy.” I truly think that although Diane may not have intended to do much more than entertain herself and a few friends, her intelligence, wit, and wisdom is evident throughout her books. From comments she has made in responding to her reader’s questions and comments, I believe she has given a lot of thought to the sort of issues that I find intolerable in other authors’ work and has been treading the right side of that thin line. I’m sure there are dusty tomes of advice written for aspiring authors of dubious value just as there are for every avenue of persuits. I imagine Diane has read a few of them, but has found a few creative ways to break those rules too- and ya gotta respect those who can pull off successful rule breaking.

    So keep on keeping on, Diane. I love what you’re doing and eagerly await the next installment. I think you will end your series when you are good and ready to, or if you start hearing a completely new siren song and need to go there instead. I’m sure most of us will eagerly read about a new protagonist and his/her world too.

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    1. Awww that’s such a shame re sue Grafton’s books I think I have read as far as t but have all of them just need a couple of weeks to chill and catch up on reading

      Oh I have so so the time now last shift is Saturday and I don’t start the new job until the 11th.

      I will so be reading

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    2. I’ve tried several times to get into Sue Grafton’s Alphabet series, but for some reason the first pages of “A for Alibi” just never seem to suck me in deeply enough to make me continue. I don’t know why – they’re well-written and it’s an interesting setup… but I just don’t seem to connect. So, el Tea, I’ll take your word for it and skip the rest of the series, too. 🙂

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  8. Well….. for me it’s like this: The characters in books are my “friends”…and my husband laughs at me for this! I will seriously talk to him about the characters like they are real people! HAHA…I get my friends interested in the books by doing that, too!!!
    So I guess for me books end one of two ways: the Author ends the series or the characters evolve into people I wouldn’t really like to be friends with anymore.

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  9. I love the series, have recommended the books to friends and can’t wait for number 12. I seem to remember a comment you made about not thinking beyond #12 but with the new plot lines you introduced in book #11, there are so many new avenues to follow.
    As to an earlier (later?) question concerning Arnie or John, I think book #11 gave a whole new future for John, one that may not include Ayden. It also introduced a new level of trust, respect and caring between Ayden and Arnie. While the level of caring is there between Ayden and John, the trust is not. They are wonderful friends but their lives are moving in different directions.
    Stemp and his parents make a new, interesting plot line. Discovering each others true identity would add a new dimension to the series. As has the introduction of the weapons lab.
    Keep writing Diane! For as long as you contine to create such wonderful characters.

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    1. Funny, the new twist into Johns life situation made me believe it would open up his life to include Aydan and a relationship without pressure. He has a child now, and he can pursue Aydan without needing to make a permanent relationship out of it.
      I look for Stemp to finally learn about his parents – their choice to tell him about their undercover status – and somehow it comes about in helping cover for Aydan, which would make Stemp believe she works for the same people his parents do…blah blah blah…and then Stemp moves his wife and child to the commune and takes over….meh….I’m no writer, but that’s what I see….OH…plus, John would replace Stemp since he doesn’t want to be active duty now that he has a son…and then there would be “no relationship with the boss” issues between John and Aydan!!!! hehehehe…twisty!!!!

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  10. I don’t think John’s in the running with Ayden, never was in my view, especially now he has the child he always wanted. It’s lust on her part, she turns so naturally to Arnie for connection.
    Perhaps Stemp can send his wife and child to the commune for safety, poor Ayden would really be torn trying to keep that secret, especially with Moonbeam, sorry, Moonbeam Meadow Sky no doubt recognising her grandchild immediately.
    Knife edge there, that hippy pair know how to keep a secret, and there would be poor tormented Ayden in the middle, making sure Stemp doesn’t find out his parents know about the kid, and they don’t find out about his real job. Lol.
    Ayden and Arnie have a special relationship, don’t see them moving in together but could see Arnie spending more time at the farm, their relationship (Do I hear two pairs of feet running for the hills) isn’t the meat of the stories for me.

    I love the intermix of characters, the sessions in the network and your fascinating take on how it would be inside there, with the data packets. And the humour, yep, that has me grinning as I read, love it.

    I love the spy angle and will keep reading them as long as you keep writing
    but a few more books I think, until she is truly safe from Fuzzy Bunny and their probably even more devious and dangerous associates.

    I suppose the question would be, as an author, have you reached the point where you’d like to put the series to bed, perhaps literally for some characters, or are you happy dreaming up more developments to torment and challenge Ayden.

    And delight your readers.

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    1. Thanks, Rosemarie! I really don’t know when this series will end. I had intended to write only a standalone book in the beginning. Then it was definitely going to end at Book 3. Then Book 6. Now? I haven’t a clue. Maybe at 13 or 14, but I can’t leave it alone until I’ve completed the character arcs for the main characters. When I finally have them where I want them, then the series will be over for me… I think… 😉

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      1. That’s good to know, Diane, more books to come!
        Just detoured into Scott Mariani, another favourite along with Alex Kava, and then decided to read through the Spy series again and now on book 10.

        For me the first reading’s being the driver and eyes on the road and eager to reach the final destination. Second reading, I’m the passenger, at leisure to take in the scenery and enjoy the ride and knowing the ending doesn’t detract at all.

        An avid reader at 8 at the local library, it was sheer joy to enjoy a book and find the author had written more. Something that seems to be bred in the bone in my case.
        If you do decide to stop at a dozen make it a baker’s!
        And so glad to find your explanation of the Tire store, it seemed odd to buy a depilator with tyres/car parts.

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