Aydan Then And Now

In Book 1, NEVER SAY SPY, what did you identify as Aydan’s key characteristics at the beginning of the book?  Did that change by the end of the series?  How have Aydan’s personality and life experiences shaped the direction of the story both in Book 1 and throughout the series? How has your opinion changed as you read the subsequent books in the series?

5 thoughts on “Aydan Then And Now

  1. Tuffest question yet!!!!

    I think I saw Aydan as human, relatable, honest mostly, reliable, trustworthy mostly, open.

    It hasn’t really changed over the series, she is still the same at her core, she will be as honest and as open as she can be without giving too much away. Although as a spy she has to trust others and they need to trust her I think the best relationship she has is with Arnie as they have managed to find a level where they accept the other has issues but they have no judgement.

    I love how human the characters are, mind I think we all do

    We wouldn’t hang out waiting impatiently for the next one, reading and contributing to your blog if we didn’t love the books and what you write

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  2. Hmmmm…. I think in the beginning I saw Aydan as strong and self assured. She was doing what she wanted and could tackle just about anything she put her mind to. As the books progress I see more and more of her “true self” (right, because she’s a fictional character!) shine through.
    She is still strong and self assured, but she also is vulnerable, and has self doubt. (don’t we all?) I see her inner struggle to be the strong independent woman she believes she is, but to be that person she would have to stay “alone”. The more she integrates into the town, and the more friends she comes to care for, the more she realizes she needs them as much as they need her. She fights with the idea of having to be the “problem solver” for everyone, but at the same time, rises to the challenge and comes through in the end.
    When all is said and done, I think Aydan is more like how we all feel, something I like to call “Dependently Independent”. Where we can do, and will do, anything that needs to be done, so long as we know someone’s got our back.
    I love watching how it all plays out. The push and pull of Aydan needing to have the support and wanting to be self reliant. I see this as the “secret struggle” she has with her relationship with John. I believe she truly loves him, but fears the dependency that would be created if she gave her heart to him. That’s why the relationship with Arnie is easy for her…her heart isn’t at risk.
    Just my inner ramblings…and perhaps tmi into my psyche!!!! LOL 😉

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  3. Aydan has benefited greatly from her on-going experience between Day 1 and now, at least as far as her overall skill level as an agent is concerned. (I dunno if she’d really go so far as to call it all a benefit from a purely personal standpoint, though. More about this aspect shortly.) She’s making progressively fewer ‘rookie mistakes’ as her life moves on.

    She’s only now beginning to get some real confidence even though she’s had to back up her own cover story with bluff and hubris about her being an experienced agent with ‘that other’ chain of command. Interesting dichotomy, that. And sometimes what appears to be confidence may just be exhaustion.

    It’s a scary thing to be that utterly used up. Or so I’ve heard…

    Granted, she’s still not the highly-trained, vastly-experienced field agent that the ‘real’ agents are, but she’s a lot closer than she sees herself, I think. Even more telling, the other ‘real’ agents just accept her as a full partner and go on with the mission. None of them appear to make any allowances or treat her as other than an equal.

    To me, that speaks volumes. Aydan’s got this whole agent thing goin’ on.

    Has my opinion changed? Nope. Now as then, she’d be fun as well as a great buddy to hang with. Turning wrenches out in the garage, target practice with anything at a range or out in the back forty, kickin’ back at Blue Eddie’s with a beer and a band, fixing stuff at the house, anything at all. Good people to be around are good people to be around.

    Okay, back to how she sees her life now vs. then. Is she glad she suddenly got dropped into the life of a secret agent with all the excitement, danger, screaming nightmares, and experiences that NOBODY ELSE EVER GETS TO HAVE? Yes, for the most part, I think she is.

    There is much on either side of the balance, certainly, but I think the scales would come down on the ‘glad’ side…if only just.


    Would she walk away from it and never look back if she could? Absolutely! Or that’s how I see it. Here’s my thinking on it:

    Would she willingly forego the crushing claustrophobia of the pass-through chamber and the underground labs? Would she pass on being shot at ever again? Would she pass on killing more people, even if it was all self-defense against the worst of the bad guys? Would she prefer to stay on her ‘perfect’ farm? Would she really like to spend all those hours uninterrupted in her garden every spring, summer, and fall? Would she really like to spend more time in that fabulous shop of hers restoring her ’53 Chevy and polishing her Vette…without anyone sneaking up on her and trying to kill her? And would she really like to pass on having to call the cleanup crew again?

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure she would.

    But until that opportunity comes happens by, I’m along for the ride. Count me in.

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  4. Thanks for the well-thought-out responses! It’s been interesting to write Aydan as she slowly begins to transition from “I don’t need anybody” to “Maybe I want somebody at least some of the time”. It’s been a scary process for her, and it’s not over yet…

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