Blue Eddy: Man Of Mystery

Blue Eddy shows up in almost every book, and he’s become a trusted friend to Aydan, but…

Just as an amusing thought experiment, I’ve intentionally never given Blue Eddy a physical description other than twinkling eyes.  Did you notice the omission as you were reading?  What does he look like in your mind’s eye?  How old is he?  What made you form the mental image that you did?

26 thoughts on “Blue Eddy: Man Of Mystery

  1. I’ve always felt that blue Eddie would be a little younger than Aydan. Mind first time I read him as old but as you said you never discribed him so I changed my mind.
    I think tall but not as tall as John and Arnie, well built but not too muscular.
    I was a little disappointed when they didn’t get it on the night she stayed in the bar but maybe I’m the only one who sees Eddie this way

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    1. I’ve pictures him as ruggedly handsome but in Ayden’s eyes, not quite her type. Maybe not as tall and ripped as her other conquests (including Tom).

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  2. I view Eddie as older then Aydan, maybe in his 60’s or early 70’s. Something tells me he has a military background. He slightly taller then Aydan and was once built but has gone somewhat soft in his older age but still attractive. Hair is mostly gray, short but still thick enough to run fingers through.

    Nothing concrete to point out my description. He is just very observant and caring of Aydan. He watches out for her. I don’t feel there us any physical attraction between the two but there is something more then a friendship.

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  3. My image, to fill in the blanks, is Blue Eddie is medium height, slight but fit build, slightly older than Ayden. That all comes from images of a few piano players, bar owners, and an acquaintance/business associate who plays a wicked blues bass. Every scene with the band jamming in the bar brings back memories of open mike nights while ‘Chico’ and I were on business trips. (And of the hangover for the next days business meetings.)

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  4. My picture of Blue Eddy was kind of a cheerful bloke, slightly younger than Aydan, but has seen a lot. Know what he’s on about. I imagined somewhat like my uncle Ben, but shorter. Shorter than Aydan, with short ginger hair and stubble. Slight (but not noticeable) belly and long pianist fingers. And as said; the sparkle in his eyes with so much life and soul and care in them.

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  5. I never noticed that Blue Eddie wasn’t described. As a result, he became very unremarkable in my mind. Perhaps the ultimate spy persona. Average height and weight. Not a handsome guy, but not ugly either. Average hair, older than Aydan because I just can’t imagine a young guy owning a business, and bars or restaurants are notorious for being a bit of a gamble. Eddie would be big and strong enough to be able to intimidate the unruly patron with his trusty baseball bat. But he’d have a friendly face that welcomed the genial customers.

    I picture him as Caucasian with medium brown or dark brown hair that is 30-50% grey. I know it’s a stereotype, but I imagine that the vast majority of guys named Eddie who own a bar living two hours outside of Calgary who love the blues and play the piano would be white guys between the age of 55- 70. It isn’t inconceivable that he could be some other race, or the same age or younger than Aydan, but less likely.

    He could be a short skinny dude, but then he’d likely hire bouncers to deal with the drunk and disorderly folks. Although other staff have been mentioned, I got the idea that Eddie prefers to do as much of the work as possible himself rather than sitting around counting his cash and micromanaging others.

    If I had to guess, I’d say he was a veteran of the war in Vietnam. He developed his passion for blues music while there. He came home without any particular skills and while figuring out his next move, he spent a lot of time hanging out at his favorite bar. Before becoming an alcoholic, he helped out at the bar, it soon became a full time job for many years during which time he learned a lot about running the business and enjoyed it. When the owner was ready to retire, they struck a deal that worked well for both men. When Eddie took over the bar, he changed its name from something generic like Silverside Saloon, to Blue Eddie’s to demonstrate that the music would be the blues. The former owner liked the change, and all were happy. When the old man died, he left no heirs, and he willed the balance to Blue Eddie. With good kitchen and wait staff and Eddie’s easy going management style, the bar did well.

    As to any attraction between Eddie and Aydan, I think it has always been a professional relationship on both sides, that until she mentioned she didn’t want to mess things up with his girlfriend only to find out he didn’t have a girlfriend, she hadn’t given any thought about Eddie’s love life. He was just a favorite client-nothing more. Likewise, I don’t think Eddie thinks of Aydan as anything other than what she is- a very nice person to do business with who has needed some looking out for from time to time. So what if he’s between women just now. He’s just fine. It’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen.

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  6. Amazing! I’ve never noticed that Blue Eddie doesn’t have a description! I’ve pictured him in my mind to be of average height, thick, long, wavy brown/white hair, bushy brown/white beard…. but not too old. Perhaps late 50’s early 60’s. Like an older Eric Clapton with a nod to Stevie Ray Vaughn?
    I see him older and being established in the area for some time. A loner, but liking it that way. I don’t think I’ve ever imagined him being interested in Aydan….but was hoping maybe a female blues singer might show up and steal his heart! ❤

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  7. I think of him as old and grizzled, wrinkles, maybe bald or hair with a buzz cut, round shoulders, dark skin, walks quietly on the front of his feet. No idea where any of that came from.
    I agree there is an aura of mystery about him, since he isn’t the redneck type you might expect to be running a bar in a rural town in Canada (or anywhere else for that matter, no offence meant). Very useful for an author, he can go on being part of the background until you need him to do something more interesting, because he hasn’t been firmly fixed to any particular back history.
    Is Blue Eddy a blank slate onto which we project our own prejudices? Scary.

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  8. I love all of the descriptions. My vision of him has shifted over the years. First I saw him as quite a bit older and a kind of big guy. Now I see him as a bit older and taller than her but not especially big. Funny how we do that without especially noticing but for secondary characters sometime my vision doesn’t match the author’s anyway.

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  9. Blue Eddie? Late-fifties, probably a little less than six feet, stocky, but with the beginnings of a ‘comfortable’ physique. Grey hair, maybe thinning a little on top, but he wears it over the ears, a habit he picked up after he got out of the service where he served one hitch after high school.

    His mom made him take piano lessons for a while when he was a kid, and he was a natural at it! Got really good, really quickly. Drove his music teacher crazy. She saw the potential he had for greatness. He could have ‘owned the stage’ in all the great concert halls and auditoriums around the world, but he saw some guy going absolutely berserk on a piano playing jazz on the Ed Sullivan show when he had a couple of years or so of lessons under his belt.

    For my money, I’d say the culprit probably was Dave Brubeck. The timing would be about right, and it would be an easy connection to make, I think.

    After that, it was all over. The piano teacher just gave up in frustration, quit soon after that, and Eddie was off and running. He fell in love with music of every type as his skills grew. The more he learned of it, the more he wanted to know. Jazz was a particular favorite due to Brubeck’s early influence on Eddie, but the stuff that kept the fire burning for him ‘way down deep was the blues.

    For me, it was Al Hirt. Well, it was Al Hirt…first. After that, I branched out quite a bit. Eddie and I could get along pretty well, I think. Just sayin’…

    Eddie is well-known locally as a good guy. Ladies are welcome in his establishment, and they know it because they are made to FEEL welcome. And safe. He’s always friendly to everyone, courteous to the ladies (there’s a difference between friendly and courteous, right, ladies?), and he gets along with everybody.

    He treats everyone with respect, but he’ll put your skull in the cheap seats with that baseball bat of his if ‘push’ unwisely comes to ‘shove.’

    And it’s not just the bat that makes Eddie able to protect himself and his patrons. Take a close look at his knuckles sometime. And maybe the edges of his hands. And if you can get him to take his shirt off, you’ll see some interesting history there, too. Front and back.

    Eddie’s got some miles on him, alright.

    He’s had to do more than pull beers and pound out rowdy, rollicking piano tunes in his life. Nothing dark (or not *too* dark, rather), but I get a hint at least of some shadows here and there. No mystery, really. Who doesn’t have a shadow or two hidden away from polite society or stuffed under the mattress of the past?

    I like Eddie. He’s a good and worthwhile guy. I’d like to know more about him. The ‘official’ version, so to speak.

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    1. I love your musical backstory about his musical past. Love the reference to Brubeck and Hurt and the disappointed piano teacher. I think you’ve got him pegged. Man of mystery indeed- love that even with some background, there’s more to discover.

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  10. Wow I’d love to get to know this Eddie he sounds fab, maybe a little bit old for me but then I tend to still think I’m still late twenties rather than 37, going on 38.
    It’s amazing really I feel old this morning, but don’t look it.

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  11. I absolutely love all the descriptions and backstory! You guys rock! 😀 I may not have ever offered a physical description of Blue Eddy, but these are his fingers and his joy of playing:

    Tommy Johnson is a phenomenal talent and completely self-taught. If you want to see some more of his videos, check out his website here: He also sells CDs from his website, and when I discovered him a few years ago, he was still shipping the CDs himself along with a little hand-written note. I don’t know if he still does that, but I treasure those CDs and the music on them! 🙂

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  12. Thanks for sharing it again. He’s amazing. I once heard some great piano jazz and when I got nearer, I realized that the piano player had one prosthetic arm- the sort that is body powered with the metal end that opens and closes- nothing specialized for piano players. The guy was unbelievable. That he had far fewer digits to use than most pianists was yet more incredible.

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