How Are We Doing?

Hi All!

We’ve got a few discussions under our belts, so I figured it was time to check in and see how we’re doing:

  • Is this what you had in mind?
  • Are these the kinds of questions/discussions you want to have? (A list of upcoming discussions is here.)
  • Is once a week too often?
  • What would you like to add, subtract, or change?
  • Is there a specific question/comment you’d like to discuss?
  • How can we stimulate more discussion and/or attract more participants?

Please feel free to suggest any and all ideas – I want this club to be the best it can be for you.



16 thoughts on “How Are We Doing?

  1. I’m really enjoying being book club, now I’ve found a job I can devote more time to fun things on line, not that I don’t sneak onto your blog often.

    I don’t think I’d change anything.
    I wouldn’t mind discussing the changing finance in the relationship’s between the characters not just with Aydan but in general.
    I’d love to know more about the secondary characters like blue eddy and Lola even Linda, but I guess you would have to write more about them, unless we let our imaginations run wild with speculation which could be fun and give you ideas.

    I think once a week is great as it gives us time to mull things over, any longer and you kinda forgotten what the post was about

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  2. It’s working for me. Too often? Not even close. I’d like a new discussion topic every day, but I’d settle for one a month if I had to. The questions? Sure, just toss ’em right out there. But again, it’s working for me.

    I’d like more back and forth with everyone, but no clue about how to generate it. But I like that what happens here stays here. It’s not like this was a public forum or something. Oh, wait…

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  3. I like it the way it is and if you are open to suggestions then let people make them as they come up. Love you blog on the new vocabulary you are teaching Dragon, lol. Between the discussoins and the blog, I am well covered. Thanks.

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  4. I finally found the comments box to make a comment. It would be nice to locate the comment box a lot easier. I’ve only just begun to get the hang of this website.

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    1. I’m glad you found it! I wish this site was a little easier to navigate, too – unfortunately I’m using a built-in theme in WordPress, so I can’t change it. I hope you’ll visit again now that you’ve unravelled its secrets! πŸ™‚

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  5. I really enjoy how this is going…I’m not too familiar with how the world of bulletin boards (is that what this is) work, so I don’t know if there is another way to do it.
    I really enjoy the questions – some surprise me, (John vs. Arnie betrayal) as I’ve never pictured that as a possibility…so it makes me look at the characters in a new light….very cool!
    I think once a week is a good amount for me.

    Keep up the awesome job…I’ll think about some ideas, maybe drop a few question possibilities off….. until then, pour yourself another drink: CHEERS!

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  6. Everything works for me as is but I am noticing the number of comments diminishing over time. It makes me feel badly. But I’m guilty this week of neglecting you all completely. I spent a week with three of my siblings and my brother’s new love in a cabin “Way Up North.” Then a day or two to gather our breath and a family wedding over the weekend. Everything worked out well and there are a few stories to tell. (How can 3 out of 4 adults show up to a family wedding and only the girlfriend have the means to take any photos?)

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    1. I have to agree, I have also neglected things recently, but I had been frantically trying to find a job, having found one I’m now trying to change my dining room into a study. I moved things around yesterday including moving the table out I totally wore myself out and ended up having a nap in the afternoon. I can’t wait for my weekend again to continue sorting the room out, although I will have a couple of weeks before I get my desk and new computer and then I should have about 10 days before I start the new job. Working from home so I should have more time to actually take part in things. I do read all of the discussions but don’t always add after my first comment.

      Well off to work shortly.

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    2. My grampa had a catch phrase that would cover the situation, Laura.

      “Some people and their dang kids!”

      See? Works perfectly. Grandpa was an astute watcher of people. A rowdy ol’ cuss, too. πŸ™‚

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    Congratulations on landing the new job. I’m hoping you will enjoy it. You can’t complain about your coworkers or office politics when you work at home. I’ll look forward to hearing a bit more from you.

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    1. The lack of employee amenities (no one to gossip to or about, etc.) is more than offset by a commute that’s measured in seconds and centimeters rather than hours and scores of kilometers.

      Personally, I’d call that a net gain. And that doesn’t even address the more relaxed dress code. Unless you really want to wear ball gowns while you work instead of sweat pants and tank tops. But that’s just me… πŸ™‚

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