Do You Trust Hellhound?

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Some readers have written to say they suspect Hellhound of being a ‘bad guy’ worming his way into Aydan’s heart for some as-yet-undisclosed evil reason. 

Do you trust Hellhound?  Why or why not?  How would you react if you met him for the first time:  In a dark alley?  Coming offstage from a jam session?  In a roadside coffee shop when he was wearing his leathers?  In his Al Hamlin disguise?

28 thoughts on “Do You Trust Hellhound?

  1. Giggles always the first to answer hehe

    I’d trust Hellhound, I don’t see any evil in him at all but them I’m not always the best at that.

    I’d feel weary meeting for the first time in a dark ally but I’m tall and broad so I wouldn’t be as bothered coming face to face, different story if he was walking behind me I’d probably slow down and step to the side light a ciggy and let him pass me.

    Coming from the stage it probably be in a state of lust, guys singing and his raspy voice would have me have me half way to lustville

    In his leathers I would be a resident of lustville

    Although I’d avoid the Al Hamin

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  2. I’d trust him. Disclaimer: my hubby and I ride and have leathers. Though I wouldn’t call us bikers, we have many friends who are and so I’m more comfortable with the idea of it. Coming off stage now, let’s face it, I’d be a puddle! Seeing the soul beneath the scruffy facade would be all sorts of hot!
    But aside from looks, Hellhound is Ayden’s safe space. He’s proven over and over again he’s there for her without expectations or conditions. They do love each other and they have a relationship that works for them. Everyone else keeps trying to push Ayden into a more traditional relationship (even Hellhound for awhile) but only Hellhound realizes she old enough and mature enough to know her own mind.
    He’s tough when she needs it and he’s tender and sweet when she needs him to be. Yeah, the more I read the series the more Team Hellhound I become!

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  3. Concur. Hellhound’s the man. Proven trustworthy too many times to to be trustworthy. If there was a hole in his character, John would’ve mentioned it by now. Even Stem’s only hangup on him is Arnie’s own intolerance for bull$.. rules and regs. Stemp still trusts him, he just has to allow for Hellhound’s known personality quirks in that regard. Hellhound’s more about justice than legalities.

    I can totally relate.

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    1. Typo alert: Proven trustworthy too many times to be thought of as anything but trustworthy. I’m taking the batteries out of the wireless keyboard now and plugging in the USB one again. That way the typos will be my own. 🙂

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  4. Okay, once more. Just read the rest of the question. Bottom part was cut off by something else I had open at the time. Sorry.

    Appearances? Circumstances? I’m pretty much equal-opportunity in that regard. Then again, this here is Texas, and we’re open carry here. 🙂

    Then again, I can conceive of no circumstance that would compel to be in a dark alley anywhere, Calgary or anywhere else. As the saying goes, my mamma didn’t raise no stoopid children. Illiterate, maybe, but not stoopid.

    Al Hamlin? Anyone trying to pass as a Texan with a phony Georgia or Mississippi accent I would avoid like the plague. Or anyone with an outrageous comb-over, for that matter, just on general principle. 🙂

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    1. It may look like I’m stoopid since last night I arrived home just after midnight and parked my car beside the alley behind my home in a badass urban neighborhood, the only light in the alley blinked off just as I emerged from my car. Most people I know would be too fearful to live or even visit me in such a notoriously bad part of town. That sort of fear is not in my nature. I save my fears for attending parties, trying to drum up business by meeting gallery owners, or potential other sources of revenue. Ya that scary stuff.

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      1. Not stoopid at all if you’re brave enough to tackle *that* sort of stuff! Determined? Committed? No…not the word I’m looking for. Ah, yes! Badass, I think, would be more appropriate. 🙂


  5. If I knew nothing in advance about Hellhound and met him in some dark alley, I imagine I would be on full alert trying to read any signals he’s giving off. A lot would depend on my own frame of mind at the time. If I am feeling confident, I’m far friendlier than if my mojo is low.
    If he was leaving the stage, no matter where my level of confidence or labido is at, I wouldn’t initiate even a greeting unless I was friends with someone else in the band. Even then I’d just say, “Thanks for the music, I really enjoyed it.”
    If I find myself in a coffee shop, I’m not there to socialize. I’m on a deadline. On task. Eyes straight ahead. I probably would not notice him.
    Al Hamline? Shudder! I’d be trying hard to become invisible. Only thing worse than a wretched combover is a ratty old toupee. Mind you I love hair on heads, and it must be tragic to go bald, but a healthy acceptance of reality is in order. I swore glasses were a dreadful thing to have to wear, and they don’t even address periferal vision, but within a few weeks of turning 40, presbyopia kicked in and I needed trifocals. My glasses are only in the case if I decide to wear a different pair. Really. I sleep all night in ’em, since I read myself to sleep by the feeble light of my kindle app on my smartphone set to a black background and brightness next to nil. The shower cleans the glasses and they are always on my face. I got over my hatred of glasses, so guys should get over a little MPB.
    But since I know the guy, he’d have my total trust, even if I slipped up and told him I’d marry him if only we kept our own homes. I trust he wouldn’t run before we worked things out.

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  6. Hellhound is scary, he’ll yes! But I don’t hunk Aydan has anything to fear from him. The no commitment issues they both have make their relationship perfect. I’m hoping maybe Aydan will get passed that eventually. I trust him to be exactly what he portrays himself as. A bad ass.

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  7. As mentioned before, I have my own Hellhound and we have lasted for 40 years, so I know Hellhound is sincere and dependable. Not much has scared me over the years, as I think I have been exposed to everything from outlaw bikers (brother’s friends) to company presidents and government executives. They are all about the same – you just have to keep your eyes open, whether in a back alley, lost in a marijuana field in Hawaii (surrounded by armed guards), a state dinner or boardroom. Kane’s assurance that he would not get back with his previous wife (without having been asked) lets you know that he can’t be trusted.

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    1. Honestly, I think I trust bikers more than I trust CEOs and government people. At least if a biker starts something with me, it’ll be in my face where I can deal with it.

      And many congratulations to you and your Hellhound in your marriage! That makes me happy! 😀

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      1. Agree COMPLETELY! I worked for the DoD for over 25 years and know that instead of being one big smooth-running empire, it is instead, a zillion little empires in devious competition with each other.

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  8. If I met Hellhound for the first time in a dark alley, my reaction would depend on what I was doing there in the first place. I tend to avoid dark alleys, so I’m thinking it would have to be a pretty dire situation… in which case I might be delighted to see Hellhound (or anybody else for that matter).

    Since I’m happily married, I decline to answer the jam-session and coffee-shop scenario. Eyes to the front, and move on before I can do anything I’d have to explain later. (Honest, dear, somebody spilled a drink on me. Of course I’m not drooling. And maybe I had an eargasm while Hellhound was singing, but it’s nothing personal…)

    Al Hamlin? Hey, I’ve dodged guys like him time and time again at business networking functions. At least Hellhound was classy enough not to grope anybody, ’cause that’s just the greasy icing on the disgusting cake. I’ll be glad if I never encounter another Al Hamlin – it gets embarrassing when you have to break a guy’s wrist in the middle of a business function. (Okay, I’m exaggerating. I didn’t break any bones, but he probably had bruises afterward. At least I hope so.)

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  9. I feel for you, Diane, but we don’t get that many Al Hamline types in the art world. We have annoying poseurs instead. All flamboyantly and eccentrically costumed, but no product, no skills, no knowledge. (Please never call me an artiste. That’s for those with the costume and lack of skills.) Not that I haven’t run into Als in other realms. I think they also come under the heading of more self-confident than self-aware. The part of self-awareness that is particularly in realizing how ignorant and lacking in intelligence they are.

    I heard on public radio recently that when brilliant people were asked how they think they did on a test they just finished, they will underestimate greatly how they did in comparison to the other people also taking the test. “Maybe a B-“., when in fact they got an A. When people far less gifted intellectually are asked the same question they will respond with great confidence that they did great on the test- well above average, “Maybe a B-“, when instead they barely passed.
    That type of individual is also missing some important social cues due to their over-confidence. People like me will say very politely, “No thanks, I need to return to what I was doing (before you so rudely interrupted).” This is unthinkable to the Als of the world, since they know that they are so enjoyable to have around. So they continue to annoy the likes of me until you scream in their faces, “Fuck off! I need you to leave me/us alone!” Or as Some Random Guy would say, “You just gotta talk to them by hand.”

    Oh, and I love your word, eargasm. Hubby must understand and not be threatened by guys that produce eargasms, I hope?

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    1. LOL! ‘Eargasm’ is the best description I can think of when I hear a male voice with that delicious raspy edge. Mmmmm… *shivers*

      Fortunately Hubby is very secure about such things. I fully appreciate his many talents, but singing isn’t one of them. So since he can’t carry a tune in a bucket, he doesn’t begrudge me eargasms bestowed by others. 🙂

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  10. Do you trust Hellhound? YES!
    Why or why not? You’ve written him to be so trustworthy. His reactions to situations are so “knee jerk” that I think it would be hard for him to hide his feelings. The only thing he has supreme control over is his “anger”…. he is a gentle soul who has created a hard outer persona to keep the masses at bay. He’s protecting himself from more harm – of the emotional and psychological kind.
    How would you react if you met him for the first time: In a dark alley? I’d be cautious…I mean, he looks like a bad ass ready to do some damage.
    Coming offstage from a jam session? Still looking like a bad ass…but after hearing him sing… I think I might swoon!!!
    In a roadside coffee shop when he was wearing his leathers? Curious….
    In his Al Hamlin disguise? Revolted by the obnoxious attitude!

    Bottom line: I’ve learned not to judge a book by it’s cover, so I would give a conversation a chance, and then I would be rewarded with an awesome friend….maybe with benefits! ❤

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  11. I too, try hard not to judge anyone by their outward appearance. I have plenty of friends who don’t fit the parameters of ‘conventional’ society and they are the same as everyone else inside. You can’t make assumptions unless someone’s actions reveal their character.

    The alley?

    First of all, WHY am I in the alley again? Second, does HE know I’m in the alley? Third, do I have a way out of the alley?

    If I was stick tho I would watch for visual cues in his body language – to anticipate intent as best I could, and brace for any trouble just in case.

    Then do what I could to get to an area where there might be other people are around, prepare to defend myself, and try to keep moving towards safety. But this just applies to meeting any stranger in an alley…

    Do I trust Hellhound? Absolutely.

    I agree with those above. He’s proven himself over and over. He is always there for Aydan, on her terms, no questions asked. Has never let her or Kane down. Loyal and unassuming. And loves his beaten up cat. Whats not to trust? He is compassionate and has strong ethics.

    Serious ‘baggage’ tho, no question. I would worry more about his family. His brother is evil. Sure that will come up again….

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  12. Gotta trust Hellhound, he’s never done a single untrustworthy thing as far as I recall. Mr Dependable. It’s about actions, not looks or even words.

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  13. I’m just starting book 5, but so far I find Arnie to be completely trustworthy. In book 1 I was a Kane supporter, but Hellhound has gradually overtaken Kane as a reliable, go-to guy for Aydan.

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